Lyrics by: Dean Elizabeth Roxas
Music by: Frederic Buenaventura
Choral Arrangement by: Jenny Joey Medina


Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing
ADPCN, Commits to Filipino Nation, a quality nursing education
Giving pride to our nursing profession through upholding Ethico moral standard of
ADPCN Oh bless ADPCN Oh bless ADPCN
Oh bless ADPCN Oh bless ADPCN
As it empowers the Deans, faculty and students to achieve excellence
In nursing education
Oh bless ADPCN as it promotes respect for healthy life,
Contributes to national and global development,
Bless us members as we uphold the bylaws abide
by the code of Ethics of ADPCN
We as members, involve the guidance of the Lord,
To uplift and maintain quality nursing education
We as members dedicate ourselves faithfully
Towards our duties and responsibilities,
With competence, accountability with honesty and integrity.
Oh bless ADPCN, Oh bless ADPCN Oh Bless ADPCN
Oh Bless ADPCN, Oh bless,
Oh bless ADPCN!